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Race Day


The event will be held in the beautiful Rocky Mountains at the Canmore Nordic Centre in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, an 60 minute west of Calgary on the Trans Canada.


Normal temperatures for Canmore at this time of year can vary greatly. Daytime highs are typically in the 15-20°C range with overnight lows potentially dropping to near freezing. Autumn is typically dry and sunny, but we can also get snow on pretty much any day of the year out there.


Please refer to the Tech Guide for more details and confirmations.

  • Friday
    • ALL DAY: pre-ride the course, which should have basic markings.
  • Saturday
    • ALL DAY: pre-ride the course, which should be well-marked
    • AM: package pickup in Calgary (location TBA)
    • PM: package pickup at the Canmore Nordic Centre
  • Sunday
    • 8am to 9:30am: package pickup and racer sign-on at race site
    • 10am: RACE START for all distances
    • 3pm: course closed for all races
  • Monday
    • Call in sick. Eat. Sleep. Drink coffee. Go riding.

Bear Spray

As with all events at the magnificent Canmore Nordic Centre, participants are required to carry bear spray with them at all times. You can carry spray on your bike or on your body, but it must be easily accessible (i.e. not in your pack). For more info and suggestions on this, see the Tech Guide.