Full 2018 results with distances and categories are posted here. We’ve added average speeds (km/hr) based on the consensus distance on Strava (17.0 km per lap). The results are also available on the ABA website (though ours are prettier).



Full 2017 results are posted here. We’ve broken down the categories a bit more than the ABA results. We’ve also added average speeds based on the consensus distance on Strava (17.2 km per lap). You can find a nice looking PDF on the ABA website, if that’s more your thing.

We also ran some quick analysis on the results, since that’s kinda what we do. Here’s what we found…

A lot of you DNF’ed. Of the 54 starters in the Full Marathon, 11 (or 20.4%) didn’t make it to the finish. In the Half, things went smoother (probably just a function of less riding), where only 2 of 32 riders (or 6.2%) didn’t finish. All of our Juniors and Teams finished!

Interestingly, while most of the DNFs were men, because we had more men sign up, the proportion of DNFs was actually higher for women, with 21.3% of women vs. 14.3% of men DNF’ing in the Full Marathon and 4.5% of men and 10.0% of women DNF’ing in the Half Marathon. Ladies, time to consider a tubeless setup? 🙂

Generally, riders in the Full Marathon were the fastest (average of 20.0 km/h), followed bu the Half Marathon (average of 19.1 km/h), then by the Juniors (average of 18.1 km/h). While we might expect the shorter race to be faster, this probably suggests that people are pretty good at knowing their abilities and limits.

Boxplot - Speed by Race

Also, with the exception of the juniors, the men generally outpaced the women by an average of about 11% both the Full and Half Marathon. And our lone junior woman outpaced 2/3 of the junior men.

Boxplot - Speed by Race and Gender

Our youngest rider was 9 years old. NINE. YEARS. OLD. And he slayed a lap of the course in 1:09:30. Our oldest rider was 70 years old and, in addition to volunteering all day on Saturday (thanks again!), put down two laps in a time of 2:26:18. Both legendary and inspiring performances!